Casey Glassman

Casey discovered yoga as a path to deeply heal the body, mind and soul. It has cracked her heart wide open to receive the beauty of this life. It has taught her to remember her truth and her sovereignty. She believes in yoga as an unwavering safe space for authentic expression, where we can return home to ourselves and our wholeness.

She completed her 200-hour Hatha Vinyasa certification with the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga in Costa Rica. Soon after, she was introduced to Meghan Currie and felt a deep resonance with her creative, intuitive style. She has attended several workshops and immersions in the Breath Flow Movement style with Meghan, who continues to be her most influential teacher.

Casey is a lover of learning and a student of life. Yoga has taught her that every thread of our story is intelligently woven into the fabric of our being — every obstacle an opportunity to awaken us to our highest purpose. She has devoted herself fully to this work. It is her highest calling to share the practices and teachings that healed and transformed her own life.

Her teachings are rooted in body and breath awareness, weaving asana and meditation with somatic healing practices. In her classes, you can expect fluid and creative sequences, strong and empowering postures, and nourishing meditation practices.