kelley doyle

soul inspired Prana Vinyasa ™ flow yoga~~~ “With every breath I plant seeds of devotion, I am a farmer of the heart” ~Rumi

Kelley Doyle“Kelley is a soulful teacher with a heart of mountain gold. Nature informs her teaching of the flow of Prana. Her presence is a nourishing force to evolve as a teacher in her guidance.” ~ Shiva Rea

Short bio:

Kelley Doyle is a playful, energetic, and soulful yoga teacher from San Clemente. California who has been living and teaching yoga in the eastern sierras of California for the past 24 years sharing her love for moving meditation whether with her family, in nature or on the mat, this passion guides her in an undiluted joyful expression of what yoga is to her… Kelley is the owner of Sierra Shanti Yoga in Bishop California and has been in continuum with her teacher, sister and friend Shiva Rea having found her heart in the practice Prana Vinyasa ® Flow since 2004 and is currently a teacher trainer and senior assistant at Shiva’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, offering 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Alliance approved programs for the school at her studio and other studios around the country. Kelley also offers yoga adventure retreats in the mountains and at beautiful tropical beach destinations around the world~ for more information about Kelley go to

Long Bio:

Kelley Doyle is a playful, energetic, and soulful yoga teacher from San Clemente. California who has been living and guiding yoga from the heart in the eastern sierras for the past 24 years, in the small mountain towns of Mammoth Lakes and Bishop where she lives with her husband and has raised her three children, sharing her passion for Prana Vinyasa® Flow yoga that has inspired her since beginning to study with Shiva Rea in 2004. With over 1008 hours of training and assisting teacher trainings with Shiva she has been leading Prana Vinyasa® Flow teacher trainings for Samudra Global School of Living Yoga since 2012 and will continue to offer her love of yoga and the healing transformative power of breath, movement and flow as moving meditation~ streaming consciousness for living peace inside and peace out ~fueling her inspiration by diving into continuum with Shiva to nourish her own personal growth and transformation whenever possible!

The balance of ocean love and mountain strength has supported and nourished her intention in guiding her students to their personal edge in asana as mudra awakening the pathways of awareness to the well spring that is ever present through the flow of Prana inside and out. At the age of 3 (1973) Kelley was given a walking mantra from her parents Transcendental Meditation teacher in southern California and has been in moving meditation ever since~ and waking up the profound truth that only a child can share so purely as she ran into her parents room while they were meditating and began excitedly saying, “God is in everything! The trees, the plants, the sky, you, me! Everything!” And so it began… Continuously inspired by her family, the beautiful mountains & beach lifestyle she grew up in, her passion for moving meditation, whether on rock, in the water, in the mountains or in mudra, guides her in an undiluted, joyful expression of what yoga is to her…

Beginning with yoga books at home at the age of 14, and aspiring to learn more, Kelley began her deeper journey into Yoga in 1990 with Gayna Urnasky at Heartwood Institute where she was studying the healing aspects of bodywork and nutrition receiving her first body work certification in Zen Shiatsu Accupressure with Paul Pitchford (Author of Healing with Whole Foods) as well as learning the fundamentals of gardening working as a trade for study in the schools organic farms. Often reflecting that “everything I needed to know about life I learned at

Heartwood” she continues to live with a passion for healing through connectivity, whole foods, and immersing in nature.

In 1993 Kelley was asked to sub a yoga class at Snowcreek Athletic Club while the current teacher left to take more yoga classes to enrich his own teaching and practice. Eventually he did not return and Snowcreek asked her to continue to teach more regularly. When she asked her teacher Gayna what she thought about her “teaching” yoga as this had never occurred to her before, Gayna’s answer was “Teach, that’s how you will learn what you need to know.” And so it was and has been ever since!

1999 Kelley dove into her first official Teacher training with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford at Yoga Works in Los Angeles, California where she found a deep connectivity to the philosophy of yoga as well as began to integrate an awareness of the embodiment of the asanas to help focus and direct energy for healing and empowering personal growth.

After a few years of teaching, and always eager to absorb more, she dove into training with Shiva Rea in 2004 and found her home in the Prana Vinyasa ® flow pulsations, wave sequencing, and love that so abundantly pours from the heart of her teacher, mentor, soul sister, and friend and has been in continuum with Shiva ever since.

Always inspired to deepen knowledge of the body mind and spirit connection Kelley completed a Bachelors of Science emphasizing Alternative Medicine through Everglades University in June 2015, bridging more awareness between the wisdom of the ancients and current scientific evidence affirming the power of nature to heal through healthy choices for body, mind and spirit, founded by cultivating deeper peace, gratitude and connected to love as the source of all~

Currently Kelley is a teacher trainer, senior assistant, and mentor for Shiva’s school, the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. Kelley Offers full 200 and 300 hour teacher training programs affiliated with Shiva’s school at Sierra Shanti Yoga and other studios around the country.  Share her love for the amazing embodiment that has come from living yoga and her inspiration from Shiva to continue to dive in and go deeper allowing the growth that comes from inside to expand out in all ways from personal to universal. In continuum with her studies of yoga as a pathway of transformation through embodiment with Shiva, nutrition, and the integration of Ayurveda, Kelley is fully committed to inspiring the evolution of her students through the healing potential of connecting with the rhythms of nature through the deep transformational practice of Prana Vinyasa ™ Yoga which can be felt and reflected in her authentic teaching style.