Melinda Guerrero

Melinda Guerrero began her personal asana practice in 2016 by being inspired after taking a Kundalini class. In order to know more about connecting with the mind & body, she acquired her RYT- 200 Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 from Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in Goa, India. Her class is centered around a traditional Ashtanga practice with Iyengar modifications and use of props for proper alignment. What a
ttracts her to practice on her mat every day, even if it is a mindful 5 minutes, is the fact that it gave

her a healing journey and created more body awareness which plays into other areas of Melinda’s life. Her day always starts out better with meditation, breathwork and asana.
Melinda’s classes involve sustained poses centering on alignment. With reminders of having intentional focus, she hopes individuals can learn how the sensations in their body feels and gradually begin to open up. She loves working within differentiating flexibilities of her students and seeing progress in their personal practice.