Upcoming Events at Sierra Shanti Yoga  

Gut Health Education

December 27th, 5:30pm

Welcome to Led by Love 30 Day – New Moon Aligned GUT CLEANSE!This 30 day cleanse offers a heart centered, safe container for community and support as we collectively invite healthy habits into our lives & “upgrade” our microbiome & vitality through activating, resetting, and renewing the gut.

Through Self Love and Self Care practices we can find FREEDOM in our mind, body and soul.

Wellness Retreat Leader, Gut Health Expert and Owner/Creative Director of Sierra Shanti, Lauren Robinson, alongside Wilderness Psychotherapist, Essential Oil Educator & Holistic Health Coach Jenna Pacelli are your gut cleanse guides.

Drop into a FREE Gut Health Education & Info Session at Sierra Shanti Dec 13, 20, and 27th 5:30PM.

Not local Bishop? No problem – we have online info sessions + our cleanse group is entirely online so this cleanse is accessible to all, regardless of location.

We will have an online ZOOM class & info session on January 7th & 10th. RSVP to sierrashanti108@gmail.com to receive the zoom link.

Cheers to a healthy gut in 2020!


Join the Rise: New Moon Women’s Council

January 24th, 6:00pm

What does it mean to rise, to wake, to truly occupy our lives as women at this time? How do we move with the flow and the power of our feminine nature while the dominant narrative is focused on schedules, performance, production and profitability?

The New Moon Women’s Council is a space to bear witness, to share lived stories, to be heard, felt and held in the company of women.

The age old practice of Council is used to create sacred space, as we explore and connect the inner landscapes and layers of our truth in the moment, honoring the sacred as well as the profane.

There are no pre-requisites to participate other than a genuine call to take one’s place in the circle, share from the heart and listen from the heart.

Please bring a small object that represents where you are in your life at this time.

**Event will begin at 6:00pm, end at 7:30pm and will be followed by a celebration meal! Please bring a dish or treat to share.

**Cash donation of $5-$25 to support the community space (or use one of your class packs – choice is yours!)

**Register by January 22nd to reserve a spot! Walk-ins are welcome if there is enough space available.

Petra Lentz-Snow is a vision fast guide, rite of passage facilitator, council practitioner, and naturopath. Immigrant, mother of three adult children, breast cancer survivor, lover of open spaces and apprentice to the art of re-wilding she is currently serving as Co-Director at the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine.


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