**Sierra Shanti Studio has officially been certified by Inyo County to re-open. Will are enforcing the new policies found on our COVID Plan of Action Page, designed with the guidance of the CDC, and California Department of Public Health. Thanks for your continuing your practice online with us. Blessings of health!**

Sierra Shanti Studio ~ Bishop, California

Sierra Shanti Studio offers Yoga, Tai Chi & Wellness Workshops from the beautiful heart of Bishop, CA. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of self love through self care. 

Choosing self care is choosing love. We believe only when we are well taken care of, we can give to others.

The owner, Lauren Robinson, transformed her life, and healed herself through holistic therapies after a major “gut wrenching” 4-year gut health battle. Western medicine failed her because it failed to work on the root issue. All of the healing modalities at Sierra Shanti focus on the root and inspire hope.

Sierra Shanti Studio is the container in which that sweet seed of change is planted. We are here to not only touch lives locally here in Bishop, but to inspire others globally. That’s the ripple effect.

Know deeply that you, too, can live the life of your dreams – healthy, happy and free. We are here to support you on your path.