Sierra Shanti Yoga Studio ~ Bishop, California

Sierra Shanti Yoga Studio is a place in the heart of Bishop California where everyone can meet ~ to dive into the heart of your practice of yoga ~ of movement ~ of breath ~ of body ~ and open the doors of awareness through the sacred portal of embodiment.

Embodiment : using the breath as a tool to bring awareness from your mind to your body.

The space was born from our teacher, Kelley Doyle, as an opportunity to share Prana Vinyasa™ Flow Yoga, which is a form of yoga that has been transmitted from Shiva Rea.  This style emphasizes connecting with the rhythms of nature, the elements and learning to navigate changing flow of life through embodiment.  It is now run by Lauren Robinson and a radiant tribe of blossoming teachers.

At our studio, we combine the wellspring of breath + movement to encourage the Prana, (breath or life-force) to flow without stagnation, and thereby experience life to the fullest potential.  To expand radiance out from the heart, in all directions, is our mission at Sierra Shanti Yoga.  Come explore and feel your whole body smile from the inside out!

Om shanti ~ shanti ~ shanti ~~~~ namaste ~~~

Live ~ love ~ peace