Angela Colleen

For Angela, yoga is a permeating practice. A lens to life, a place to breathe, a tool to connect with self.

Yoga first came to her at age 16 as “complementary training” to competition climbing, but she quickly realized that its wealth ran much deeper than flexible hamstrings!

After completing her first 200-hour teacher training in 2021, she sensed this was just the onset of a life-long pursuit. After a fateful search for her next teacher, she completed a second, Ashtanga-focused 200-hour training with Carol Rutherford in Reno and apprenticed in a Mysore room. Since moving to Bishop, she now studies from afar with her adored teacher, David Garrigues.

She will likely always consider herself first a student and practitioner, then a teacher, of yoga. More than anything, she hopes to carry forward the tradition and gifts of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method in an authentic, accessible, and non-dogmatic spirit.