Sierra Shanti Signature Events

Roll, Reiki, Relax

In-studio * Pre-Registration Required

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

7:15pm PST

Details & Registration

You’re invited to come beat-the-heat in our beautiful studio space and enjoy this relaxing workshop focused on releasing tension from Calves, Ankles & Feet.

Learn to Roll Out your muscles and connective tissues on Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls (myofascial release) with @ledbylovelauren and @bishopreiki

  • Receive Reiki energy healing while holding gentle stretches

  • Enjoy breath work infused with essential oils while releasing & relaxing on the therapy balls

  • Enjoy 1.5 hours of relaxation as you release all the tension in our area of focus

  • Rolling out increases blood flow, range of motion, and mobility in the body. You’ll leave feeling like you got a massage. Please, bring and drink plenty of water!


· $25 Ticketed Class (Monthly Members Receive 10% OFF all workshops with code)

· First, purchase a pass, then register for class. You must have an active pass in order to register for class.

In-Studio Class

  • Pre-registration is required. Registration closes 30 minutes prior to class time.

New Moon Women Circle

Virtually * Pre-Registration Required

Friday, August 26th, 2022

7:00pm PST

Details & Registration

Women’s Circle Monthly Virtual Gatherings are hosted by Sierra Shanti Studio

  • We gather together monthly on the Friday closest to the New Moon. Women’s Circle brings a multi-sensory approach to exploring the subject and feelings that are signature to women.
  • While honoring our relationship to the moon cycle and its influence on our energetic/emotional rhythms and physical cycles, we connect to it as a means of catalyzing introspection, reflection, and community gathering.
  • Join with your facilitators Mara Harris and Leah Schroeder (who alternate monthly) along with other fascinating and caring women local to Sierra Shanti and those gathering virtually to expand connections.

Women’s Circle subjects and topics of discussion change monthly; influence of the New Moon leads the theme.

Our Circle Gatherings can include round-table discussions, creative/spontaneous writing/poetry, meditation, visualization, intention setting, vocal and physical exploration. We invite you to come with pen & paper, a delicious cup of warm tea, an open mind and heart, and your unique presence.

By Donation – Must Pre-Register a minimum of 30 minutes in advance to receive Zoom link!

Reiki World Peace Meditation

In-Studio *Donation Based

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

7:15pm PST

Details & Registration

The World Peace Grid was created in 1997 as a way for Reiki people and others to create world peace. The Grids are made of material that energetically collects healing energy and sends it out into the world to promote peace. Each month, on the 3 rd Wednesday @ 730pm around the world, people meditate in each successive time-zone, building the energy like a wave, circulating Love and Peace around the Earth.

In our class, we not only send out peace using the Grid, but each month we also focus on a topic for our own self-care. Each meditation starts by inviting the Reiki energy into the room and our breathe, creating a sacred container for each participant. And as you sit or lay comfortably, you will be led on a guided meditation, often with moments of silence to listen within.

Journaling is also encouraged as meditation may invoke feelings, thoughts, insights, creativity, and answers to your questions: As meditation is not to shut the mind down but to make it free, lucid, and balanced.

You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. And hopefully a wonderful night’s sleep to follow.

We meditate to familiarize ourselves with a clear and accurate way of seeing things and to cultivate wholesome qualities that remain dormant within us.

– Mattieu Ricard

By Donation – Must Pre-Register a minimum of 30 minutes in advance to receive Zoom link!

Signature Events

Every month you can expect to find regular offerings of:

– New Moon Women’s Circle Gatherings (Virtual – join us from anywhere!)

– Roll Reiki Relax (Myofascial Release with Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls)

– Reiki World Peace Meditation (Themed Meditations)

We also offer rotating monthly special guest workshops.

All events can be found on our schedule.

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