New Moon Yoga Challenge

In Studio, Online or Outdoor

October 6th – November 6th

Start any time!

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New Moon Yoga Challenge

Starting October 6th, same day as the New Moon, we will start our yoga challenge journey.

Connect, slow down, go deeper. We invite you to set an intention for this challenge, would you like to see physical progress, mental progress, are you wanting to build more confidence? Choose whatever comes up for you and remind yourself of this intention throughout the challenge.

Choose Your Challenge:
Take one class per day for the next 7, 14, or 30 CONSECUTIVE Days

It can be any Sierra Shanti live stream, in person or outdoor class.

*One exception is you can “Double Up” and take two classes in one day if you miss a day. You can do this only once

You can begin this challenge at any point in October but must be completed by November 6th!
All Yoga, Tai Chi & Workshops Count

Your Reward:
7 days = Uplifting blend roll on Essential oil
14 days = Yoga tune up therapy balls
30 days = Yoga mat

Sign up here for free and you will be emailed a spreadsheet to print out and keep track of your progress. You will also be given access to a Google Sheet where you can keep track of your progress with the rest of the participants. Whichever you prefer.

You will have the chance to register October 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.
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