Landon Kinsey


Hi and welcome, I am Landon

I would like to share with you the beauty that is yoga, and here I have written a few words to illustrate this devotion. Growing thru the practice with each passing season, how vital it is that life is not just something I am part of, but rather as a whole.

My teaching style gravitates toward slowing down and remembering the fundamentals of practice. I see yoga not as another opportunity to do more, but as an opportunity to let be. The postures (referred to as Asanas) are simply frameworks for deeper being to reveal itself to us.
Fundamentally speaking, I see my role as a teacher as like a type of farmer friend cultivating an environment of safety to let go of our bodily impurities and obscurities of mind. If you leave class with something simple and practical to work into daily life, then we’ve touched on value.

Good spiritual practice, at its essence, reminds us of what is essential within us. There are endless gifts that come of practice. Much better health, a clearer sense of being here, and deep trust in relationship are a few worth mentioning. With safe ground to rest in to, our natural born self of joy and love get their chance to play ou thru us.  Often I wonder- who wouldn’t want that?

Be peace,