Brazil Yoga Retreat with Kelley Doyle

who is coming with us to BRASIL December 11-19 2017!!!??? I am soooooo excited to share this journey with you all~ Itamambuca was an instant heart home~ I immediately told Eduardo I could live there~ and the retreat center we are going to is called SAMUDRA Yoga Villas~ Samudra means the ‘great ocean’, but is also the name of Shiva’s School, our school, and for me this was clear that all was aligning for me to bring a group to Brasil on retreat~ Come Satisfy You Soul~~~ why not?? There is potential for surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, kayacking, waterfall adventures, eco school adventure~~~ gourmet vegan café where we will receive our meals together, beautiful yoga space to practice daily, sunrise adventures and meditations and MORE!!!  I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing this sweet, magical, raw and wild place in the world with anyone inspired to join us~~~ please contact me with any questions~ I will be creating a FB event page in the near future and will be encouraging friends to commit as soon as possible~ if there is a spark just let me know!