If you’re a mountain enthusiast looking for more athletic fluidness, consider turning to T’ai-chi.
This ancient mind-body art has a lot to teach us about moving well with gravity, using less energy and relishing a path of “strength with no strength.” One primary secret behind that mystery is integrating all of our parts to work together, and well.
Instructor Andy Selters is a former world-class alpinist and mountain guide who started practicing T’ai-chi over 30 years ago. Gradually he’s come to help students find how T’ai-chi builds depth into how we move, whether on a lawn, a cliff or snowy ski mountain, and how the practice informs how we face consequential uncertainty. He is also a former Chi Running instructor and recently he became a certified yoga instructor. He has been teaching T’ai-chi in Bishop for a dozen years now, after deepening his practice to help himself recover from a tragic plane crash.
Andy has compiled a little ebook to introduce you to the inner art of T’ai-chi, and how it can be a flatland practice to enhance the ease, grace and endurance of mountain activities.
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